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Dolly Palmer
Artist Statement & Bio
It is the ooooh, the spontaneous ahhhh, that inspires me. The glimpse of one thing, that sparks the creation of another. The possibilities of the creation, whether it is possible or not, whether it is started or not. The pursuit of the process, the depth of the concept, and the bliss in the fluttering flight
of an idea.
From words on a white page dancing to describe, to glass in a hot flame melting to become, to watercolor's willful desire to just be, and to images captured in time—these form the beginning elements that are art
for me.
I see beauty in the balance of form, in the contrasts, and in the spaces between the spaces in time. I appreciate the blossoming form of a sentence, the way glass freezes to hold the beauty of it's liquid form, the puddles on the surface of watercolor on paper, and the delicious instant a photograph holds a memory. I enjoy making things that people can fondle, ponder or wear.
Dolly Ahles Palmer is a creative writer,
a glass flameworker, a jewelry designer,
a watercolorist, and a photographer. She has made her home in Greeley, Colorado, where she is enjoying the four seasons with her husband Jody, their black and white tuxedo cat named Pepper, and their three Wyandotte chickens named Daisy, Robin and Sassy.
She is also a worm farmer, a gardener,
a crocheter, a soap-maker, a children's story writer, and a poet.